Most of information on the page for Young Adults (I’ve just taken down the Young Adults page for now…stay tuned for a re-write!) applies to adolescents but there are a few differences worth getting out in the open.

  • Until you leave home you are pretty much dependent on your folks and very much affected by what happens in your home day to day. This means that counselling might have to look for ways for you to cope with stresses at home or ways for you and your parents to have conversations that don’t end in World War Three.
  • Your parents might want to be involved in your counselling and you and I would have to work together to decide if this could be helpful or not. Seeing as you are my client what you say is confidential (except in certain serious situations). You decide what to share with your parents. I might have a chat with them every now and then to help them understand your needs; you and I would work out what you want kept private beforehand.
  • If you’re at school we might need to find ways to help school understand what they can do to help you cope better. We also might work on your study skills and any problems you’re having getting motivated. Each person is different so these things may or may not be issues for you.

That’s basically the main difference between your situation and an independent adult’s so if you still want to read more about counselling have a look here (that’s the page I took down…back soon!)…

Check out these web sites for info on Depression, Anxiety, Cutting, Drugs, Support for Teens, Diabetes, Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse, Divorce and Sexuality.

If you know any other useful websites to add to this list please email me and let me know!