Melbourne’s grief: how to help your children (and yourself)

There is a lot of information to help parents and schools support children through the death of a friend and through the trauma of a city in mourning. I have noticed, however, that there seems to be no mention of ACTIONS to reconnect children to what is meaningful and hopeful. We all, adults and children alike, need to express our worries; be comforted; and maintain good health practices. We will also be helped by DOING something that connects us to the tragedy in a loving and values-driven manner.
*Write and colour a card for the family,
*Give charity in the name of the lost friend, (offer services to the community for a price and donate the money)
*Spend the day as a family, consciously appreciating each other and your blessings,
*Make a photo album of the lost friend and record good times,
*Bake, cook, and help out the bereaved families,
*Engage in social activism and social justice programs,
Ask yourselves WHY are you shaken and grieving so? The answer is your clue to what you need to do to cope. For example, if the answer to why, is “because I am going to miss her so much”, make an album, plan ways to keep her memory in your life. If the answer is, “because this has rattled my security”, then connect to what helps you feel safe and truly appreciate your time with loved ones. If the answer is, “because our laws about bail and police pursuit are failing us”, write to the newspaper, contact your local MP etc.
Cuddles are vital; expression is fundamental; and ACTION is the way through and forward- tiny steps at a time.

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