Infants and Young Children 0-12

Infants and Young Children 0-12

“There is no such thing as a baby … if you set out to describe a baby, you will find you are describing a baby and someone” – Winnicott, 1947

In the same way, working with young children always means working with parents or carers.

I assess children’s psychological and social strengths and needs from a Systems perspective, working with the child’s family and school where appropriate. Through one on one or parent-child sessions, I work hard to understand your child, to get a sense of how psychological theory and treatment protocols will fit your individual young person. I work to give children a voice, to help parents tune into that voice and better assist their child.

I give skills to both children and parents to treat difficulties such as Anxiety, Emotion Regulation problems, and OCD. When working with children under eight years old, much of the intervention is with parents (once assessment is completed). Children over eight are more able to self-report and to benefit from direct instruction.

My work also reflects my belief that children (including adolescents) thrive when their parents/carers feel competent and supported. This is why my child work usually includes parent/carer work. Parental well-being is essential for a healthy family.

I work eclectically. This means that I am trained in a variety of therapeutic approaches and I choose the modality to fit the unique needs of each client. I draw on Acceptance and Commitment TherapyNarrative Therapy approachesCBT, ERPPlay TherapyExpressive Therapies“Talk Therapy” and Parent Education.

To facilitate these approaches I use sandplay, painting, drawing, role-plays, worksheets, games, stories (fairy tales, movies) and picture books.

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