Perinatal Psychology

Perinatal Psychology

Counselling for Pregnancy, Pregnancy Loss, & Early Parenthood. 

My perinatal service provides a safe, confidential process that helps you explore pregnancy, birth, and early parenting concerns. This includes providing unbiased, evidence-based information about all options and services available.

  • Are you struggling to come to terms with the loss of a pregnancy?
  • Are you facing the anxiety of trying to conceive after pregnancy loss?
  • Do you have concerns about coping with pregnancy?
  • Are you faced with some difficult decisions related to pregnancy?
  • Did you have a traumatic birthing experience?
  • Did you experience Depression or Anxiety during or after pregnancy?
  • Are you worried about your toddler’s reaction to an impending arrival?

I have a special interest and experience treating in Post Partum OCD. If frightening thoughts are intruding on your enjoyment of your new baby, or you feel compelled to carry out rituals or avoid places and activities that you need as a new parent, then please contact me for an assessment. OCD is very treatable and you can get back to parenthood wholeheartedly.

This service is suitable for women and men, alone or with a partner.

I do regular locum work for Tweddle Child and Family Health Service and O’Connel Family Centre. The psychologist’s role in these residential units, is to provide single session assessment and brief therapy for parents with infants and children under 4 years old. My work in these centres ensures that I am connected to the wider National Perinatal Depression Initiative (NPDI) and to the ever-improving practices of service providers in this field.

I am a registered Provider of Non-Directive Pregnancy Support Counselling.