Parenting is hard work! It is emotional and can be overwhelming. My aim is to help parents feel good about their role, to feel competent and valued. I firmly believe that young children need the support of their parents much more than they need the support of a psychologist or counsellor. In my work I try to find out what children need and then help their parents to meet that need themselves as much as possible. Parents may need ongoing support- especially if they are socially isolated or have unaddressed emotional issues.

Parents who were not well parented when they were young have a double whammy when it comes to parenting: they need to look after their own emotional issues that inevitably and naturally arise as their children grow and they need to meet their children’s needs without having any model from their past of how to do so. I hope to help these parents heal so they can parent from a healthier place.

At times, individual counselling is appropriate for both the child and the parent/s, however participating in at least some sessions that include both parent/s and child or the whole family can be particularly beneficial. I believe in adopting a flexible approach and collaborating with my clients to decide who should attend sessions; after all, each family and each situation is unique.

Underpinning my child work is the understanding that children communicate through play, art and games and that therapy that is fun, interactive, innovative and sensitive will engage a child and motivate him or her to attend and make the most of the experience. Please refer to the description of my work here for further information.

I also believe very strongly in ongoing professional development for psychologists and am committed to regularly updating and furthering my skills.

Families come in all shapes and sizes: single parents, blended, bi-cultural, same-sex, interfaith, grandparents as primary carers…and many other groupings. Please feel welcome in my practice. I am here to help your family grow.